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Palladio Mosaic

PALLADIO Glass Mosaic creats stunning visual effects in glass architecture due to its extensive palette of colours and textures. It offers 150 plus colours including vary shades of gold. Products like Gold, Shining and Brillante with enamels are exclusive range of mosaics introduced for the first time in Indian market by Palladio. For details visit : www.palladio.in


Piccolo Mosaic

PICCOLO is an impressive and colourful range of porcelain mosaics, produced for floor and wall coverings, suitable for interiors and exteriors. This professionally crafted porcelain mosaic gets value addition by Italian state-of-the-art fully automated manufacturing facilities. Piccolo range of porcelain mosaics allows the designer an unbelievable, first of its kind, palette of colors and textures creating stunning visual effects. With 5 sizes, 7 looks: Silk with satin effect, Velvet with gloss effect, Moire with cloudy effect, Denim with shading effect, Crepe with crackle effect, Jute with grip effect, Brocade with metallic effect, Piccolo offers as high as 780 options to explore! For details visit : www.piccolomosaic.in


Italia Mosaic

ITALIA Glass Mosaics are great-looking and durable with resistant to many weather conditions and are not confined to just indoor use our collection features ideas for gorgeous spas, bathrooms, kitchen, swimming pool and more. For details visit : www.italias.in



GRIFINE fulfills the requirement of architects for designs by providing a touch of elegance to their creations, it also offers a range of contemporary looks that satisfy the much desired urge of the end user to take a dip in sheer luxury. For details visit : www.italiaceramics.in